EPIC Couple's Massage Experience!

09.01.22 12:45 PM

What to Expect for the Epic Couple's Massage Experience

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Who is this session for?

Everyone and anyone that is looking to develop a new skill set or bond with a loved one and loves a good massage!

While these session are oftentimes couples – friends and family members are welcome to partner up and attend too! 

The class is designed so that every couple feels comfortable. We do our best to educate, inspire, and provide a unique experience so every person who attends, creates AMAZING memories, 

as well as a solid foundation for these valuable lifelong skills.

We especially welcome EXPECTING couples to join us, as long as your pregnancy is healthy and low risk... 

we even have special pregnancy massage cushions that make the experience DIVINE! 

These EPIC Sessions take place in our super chill Oasis Sunroom! 

Check out the "What to Expect" tab above for more details about the RADICAL space here at RRR :)

Group and Private Couples Classes available



Obviously, one of the first things to do is schedule your private appointment or sign-up for a small group class (3-4 couples).  
Private sessions range from 30 (demo), 60, 90 or 120 minutes. Our schedule is oftentimes full, a few days to a week in advance, though occasionally we have same-day appointments available.  
Feel free to TEXT, Call or try the SCHEDULING REQUEST link in the menu.  
Let us know what days and times work best for you and we'll do our best to accommodate

We offer Radical Repeat Retreats so you can set a regular date to 
practice your massage skills on your own or with guidance. Subscribe and SAVE!

Once we’ve set a day and time, we will text you a link for our online Wellness Intake Form to be submitted at least 24 hours before your appointment.  Then we will send you our exact address and directions for the Oasis Sunroom in Ivins, Utah.

We recommend you wear comfortable clothing, that you don't mind getting a bit SANDY plus shoes that are easy to remove.
More detailed attire suggestions to follow.

Also please bring a refillable water bottle, to help you stay hydrated.

Now it's time to Breathe, Relax, Play, Connect and most important - HAVE AN EPIC EXPERIENCE! 



Make sure to arrive on-time or a few minutes early, so you receive the full scheduled session.  If you have an emergency and might be late, make sure to communicate with us ASAP before your appointment.

Generally when someone isn't able to make it for their session last minute or cancels within 24 hours, 
we're not able to fill that spot, 
in that case, we kindly ask for a financial contribution of your choosing.

Upon your arrival at our Oasis Sunroom, you might notice the GROUNDING stone and sand (yes, actual SAND) flooring throughoutsounds of the calming fountain, the meditative labyrinth, the gorgeous views and serene environment. 
We recommend that you turn off or silence your phone/devices, so you can give your full attention during this relaxing retreat.

Before participating in this experience, you are invited to remove your shoes. We'll then review your intake form and discuss your expectations for the session. Make sure to ask any questions you may have!

Our Epic Couples Massage courses are based on techniques from founder, Dixie Ewing (that's me). I practiced as a Licensed Massage Therapy since 1997 and been a Certified Couples Coach since 2017. I recently retired from offering Bodywork to individual clients and now share my passion by guiding couples in these fabulous modalities!


Briefly, this experience will include.... 

When you schedule 90+ minute sessions, you're welcome to include 

a couples inquiry game &/or relax in the hot tub. 

Each partner will take turns in giving & receiving massage. 

And of course, a walk through the sand labyrinth

Ready for more AWESOME Details? Read on....



If you have scheduled a 90+ minute private session, your welcome to start with a nice dip in the hot tub!

We ask that if you want to sit in the hot tub, please do so FIRST - before your massage. Partially to help your muscles to be more supple and easier to manipulate. Also because we prefer not to have the oil from your massage, left in the water.

Now invite yourself to mindfully soak in the tranquil surroundings, consciously feeling into each inhale and each exhale.

At this point, you start to notice your Breath transition from shallow and tight, to conscious and calm. Ahhhhh - BREATH...



Now it's time for your couples massage lesson (one of our favorite parts).

We suggest the following attire for your session:

BOTH ~ Swim suits for the hot tub.

MEN ~ shorts or swim trunks and comfortable clothing. 

LADIES ~ wear a two-piece swim suit or similar - with straps that fasten/unfasten easily for access to your shoulders and back, under loose, comfortable clothing. 

I always respect your modesty level and only the area of your body being massaged, will be uncovered. 

You can also decide to stay dressed if you prefer.

I always strive to create a safe and respectful environment.

You decide which of you will be the first to receive massage, then after we go through the massage sequence - you'll switch!

The 'receiver' will lay on the treatment table for a focused area such as neck and back, or hips and legs.

All equipment is provided for you including a high quality massage table, linens, oils, and music. 

The 'Giver' will be instructed on the basic techniques to safely and effectively massage your partner, learning to use your body weight, rather then arm or hand strength alone - making the massage an enjoyable experience for both giver & receiver. 

As well as enhancing communication with your partner for a closer connection - physically, mentally, and emotionally. 

Each subsequent session you schedule, will teach new tricks of the trade to enhance the massage experience for both you and your partner.  We highly recommend scheduling future appointments or 

consider subscribing to our monthly or quarterly sessions, to practice and fine tune your new skills.

You will be able to take these new skills into your daily life, to help ease each others aches, pains and stress!

Once you're finished receiving Bodywork, I encourage you to SLOWLY stand up and re-acclimate.
Your body is now feeling calm & serene! RELAX...



Now, you have the choice to play Couples Game titled "UnPack That" and/or 

create a souvenir (Zen bowl, mandala art, collages, etc.) - for those who've scheduled a 90+ minute private session

It's ok if you have limiting beliefs about your creative abilities - these projects and games are simple enough for ANYONE!

As you engage with these ultra fun activities, you (re)connect with your true creativity, and in turn - playfully bring you and your partner closer together. PLAY...



As a fabulous FINALE', you will take turns walking through the "grounding" sand labyrinth. 

A labyrinth is a perfect representation of life, especially our relationships. 

So allow yourself to NOTICE as you take each individual step - how this relates to your current situations, such as:

▫ Finding your balance

▫ Rediscovering your center

▫ Connecting with the Earth and all those that share this beautiful planet

etc, etc, etc... 

Bring this all together for your totally

EPIC Couples Massage Experience! 



Finally, that brings us to a SUPER IMPORTANT follow-up for any wellness practice … Drink PLENTY of EXTRA WATER the next couple days, to help detox and re-hydrate your system!  If you notice your muscles feeling a bit stiff the next day or so, DRINK MORE WATER! 



Questions about the benefits or effects of these treatments are always welcome!  If you have ‘constructive feedback’ about the session, please contact us directly to figure out solutions.  

Most clients love to spread peace in our world…. positive referrals are always appreciated and rewarded! 
Ask how to earn Loyalty Points toward a FREE Session with our Repeat, Review, Refer program ;)

NOW - TEXT, Call or click that Contact & Schedule tab above to set your appointment! 
You'll thank yourself later!