Event Rentals

08.18.22 03:33 PM

Oasis Sunroom Rentals

Click on the tabs below for each step in the process. Check out photos & more details of the Oasis Sunroom here.



You might be asking "What, why, who, how much, etc?"
Great questions!
Red Rox Retreat in Ivins, Utah offers an 
EPIC Event Rental Space.
The Oasis Sunroom features:
° Sand & stone flooring throughout 
(YES, actually SAND - perfect for barefoot grounding)
° Meditative Labyrinth 
° Calming Fountain
° Relaxing Hot Tub
° Breathtaking Views of THE Big Red Mountain
°Plus plenty of parking & much more
You name it, we'll host it!
° Unique Birthday Gatherings
° Bridal or Baby Celebrations
° Intimate Weddings
° Girls Night Out
° Guys Hangout
° Give us your ideas
° 30 Guests - Indoor
° 100 Guests - Outdoor
You can even add a DIY Retreat too!
We are completely inclusive of anyone & everyone! 
We kindly ask for your respect, cleanliness and compassion in return...
Actually our business model is rather unique! 
We don't charge standard prices anymore.
We offer our rental via Conscious Giving... 
Give what resonates for YOU! 
(deposit required)


Obviously, one of the next things to do is to check RRR schedule for availability.
Feel free to set a time for a tour (video or in-person) of our property before you schedule!

Once we’ve set a day and time, I will text you a link for our Event Rental Agreement and Deposit Invoice.

Now it's time to Plan, Connect and Relax!


Now that you've decided to have your spectacular event at the Oasis Sunroom, the fun part of planning begins!

Whether it's hiring the perfect catering company, a simple chair rental company or outdoor tent & canopy leasing,
we have access to multiple event planners that can assist you or do it yourself with our easy to follow checklist.

Let us know how we can help!



Now it's time to connect the dots AND the guests!

Here at Red Rox Retreat, one of our strongest values is is COMMUNITY, so we're super excited to welcome you & your tribe.

Glamourous, intricate invitations or a simple, casual text message - your event will be a spectacular collaboration of all the pieces.



Mmmm... Breathe! 

All the planning is done & your event is underway.
Now it's time to
Enjoy, Connect & RELAX!

Upon your arrival at our Oasis Sunroom, your guests notice the... 

° GROUNDING stone and sand (yes actual SAND) flooring throughout 

° CALMING sounds of the fountain 

° GORGEOUS views of the Big Red Mountain

° SERENE environment of the indoor & outdoor space

You & your guests are in awe! 

Another deep inhale, a gentle peace flows over you & overwhelming gratitude bubbles up....

Mmmm... Exhale!