"It Takes Courage...

12.14.21 12:56 PM

... To say YES to REST and PLAY, in a culture where exhaustion is seen as a status symbol." ~ Brene Brown

Ready to be COURAGEOUS? 

Ready to REST & PLAY

Ooooasis Couple's Getaway at Red Rox Retreat is ALL that!

Red Rox Retreat Offers a DIFFERENT Type of Stay!

Accommodations Plus RETREAT All-in-One.

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 ∙◦⦾ BRIEF Description ⦾◦∙ ( DETAILED Description below)

Your Oasis Couples Getaway INCLUDES: 

  • 90+ minute Couples Clarifying Mind, Body, Heart Retreat 

  • UNIQUE Shower within the....

  • Tranquil Indoor Oasis Sunroom 

  • 360° RED Sand Plateau & Desert Views

  • Casita w/ Comfy Queen bed, Kitchenette, Wellness Space

  • Couples & Individual Retreat Sessions without overnight stay also available upon request

Two Connected Areas INCLUDED with Your Getaway:

Space #1.  Clear Wave CASITA  

 ° Lodging

 ° Kitchenette

 ° Half-Bathroom

Space #2.  Oasis SUNROOM 

 ° Shower 

 ° Retreat Space

Both are connected spaces with separate entrances - 

Doors located a FEW STEPS AWAY from each other.

Guided Couples RETREAT Session INCLUDED with your Getaway:

 90 min. Couples Clarifying Session

  •  Located in the Oasis SUNROOM
  •  " TRUST " Labyrinth Walk with Your Partner

  •  Deep Mind, Body Clarity Exercises

  •  Connecting Tea Ceremony

  •  Create a Meditation Bowl Together  ( perfect souvenir )

  •  DIY Mini - Massage with your Partner ( Instruction from 25 year Licensed Massage Therapist )


 ∙◦⦾ DETAILED Description ⦾◦∙


Situated at the base of the renowned Southern Utah “Red Mountain” - our area is considered sacred by the native tribes.

Red Rox Retreat's peaceful acre property, located in Ivins, Utah is surrounded by a mix of rural & suburban communities.

With spectacular desert scenery in every direction, guests are mesmerized by the unique, breathtaking foothill views of the Red Mountain vistas.

Our area is a nice mix of rural and suburban, with adjacent farms, horses and goats plus several community neighborhoods in the vicinity AND urban city nearby too!


Space #1 - Clear Wave CASITA:

  • Standard HALF-Bathroom (toilet & sink)

  •  Access to UNIQUE SHOWER located in Oasis Sunroom ( details below )

  •  Comfortable Sleeping with Extra Pillows & Blankets …

    • Queen bed

    • Full-length couch

    • Twin mattress (upon request)

  •  Massage/Treatment area for…

    • DIY Massage with Your Loved Ones 

    • AND/OR 

    • Schedule a Session to Learn Couples Massage (extra fee may apply for private lessons). 

  •  KITCHENETTE with:

    • Hot water faucet & sink

    • Utensils, mugs, plates, bowls & dry rack 

    • Microwave, coffee maker & coffee

    • Mini-fridge with small freezer compartment

  •  Cold Air-Conditioning Unit

  •  Warm Heater Units & Heated Mattress Cover

  •  Secure Parking on Paved Drive-way

  •  Clean Linens, Towels & Washcloths

  •  Spectacular Day & Night Views

Space #2 - Oasis SUNROOM:

  •  SHOWER w/ Bamboo Enclosure & Instant Hot Water Heater 

  •  “ Grounding “ Flagstone & Sand Flooring Throughout

  •  Meditative Sand & Stone Labyrinth 

  •  Cozy Firepit Table & Chairs

  •  Relaxing Lounge Chairs 

  •  Breath-taking Views of THE Big Red Mountain 


Here’s where the FUN begins…

Guided Couples RETREAT Session INCLUDED with your Getaway:

 90 min. Couples Clarifying Session

Imagine for a moment….

∙◦⦾ INHALE ⦾◦∙

◦ Notice ◦

◦ Connect ◦ 

◦ Clarify ◦

∙◦⦾ EXHALE  ⦾◦∙

∙◦⦾ First, as you enter the indoor Oasis Sunroom at Red Rox Retreat, 

you're invited to "lose your shoes" and turn off your phone.

∙◦⦾ Second, take a silent moment to embrace this serene space …


∙◦⦾ Third, I'll guide you in a TRUST Exercise (icebreaker) with your partner, 

as you both stroll barefoot through the "Grounding" sand labyrinth.

∙◦⦾ Fourth, you will gather at the firepit table & create a Meditation Bowl 

- brimming with sand & unique stones. 

A perfect souvenir to take home & remember this marvelous experience.

∙◦⦾ Fifth, you’ll now participate in an ancient Tea Ceremony, 

bringing calm & clarity to all your senses and a deeper connection as a couple.

∙◦⦾ Sixth, next you'll PLAY an introspective game which leads to intuitive, 

Inquiry practices for couples clarity.

∙◦⦾ Seventh, it's now time to have a seat in the relaxing lounge chairs next to 

your significant-other, and gaze out the window at the sacred Red Mountain. 

∙◦⦾ Eighth, as we finish this unique retreat, I'll offer DIY foot massage instructions, 

while working on each others feet, complete with a hot towel to cleanse your sole/soul ;)

By the conclusion of this experience, you will feel intense connection and clarity!

Each breath, each step, each aspect of this experience is cleansing & clarifying... even the sand between your toes, is a reminder of your interconnection with our Gaia Earth!


Join us at Red Rox Retreat for

Body : Mind : Heart Clarity

Session Time Availability: 

 ° Monday-Friday = 10am-4pm

 ° Saturday = 10am-12noon

 ° Sunday = CLOSED

Message Red Rox Retreat at least 24 hours before your stay...

...to RESERVE your Specific Couples Retreat Session Time!

* Each Couple Receives a 90 minute Retreat Session for each 2 night stay 


 - stay 2 nights - receive 1 x 90 min session

 - stay 4 nights - receive 2 x 90 min sessions

 - stay 6 nights - receive 3 x 90 min sessions, etc.