Love is....

01.20.22 02:31 PM

... a two-way street - CONSTANTLY UNDER CONSTRUCTION! ~Caroll Bryant


Funny and so true!

On the topic of LOVE - whether you like Valentine's Day or not, we can always celebrate LOVE, right?

So with February 14th right around the corner, I'd LOVE to offer you a one-of-a-kind promotion....


From now until 2/14/22 ...

Buy One Hour Massage Gift Card, 

Get One Hour Oasis Retreat Free!

For Yourself &/or Loved Ones 

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Quick Recap of the Mind-Body Session:

  • Located in the Oasis Sunroom

  •  “Grounding” Sand and Stone Labyrinth Walk

  •  Deep Mind, Body Clarity Exercises

  •  Connecting Tea Ceremony

  •  Create a Meditation Bowl  ( perfect souvenir )

  •  Hot Towel Wrap and Mini- Massage

(more info at )

AND since the above quote mentions "construction" -  here's some BEFORE, During & AFTER pics of our newly renovated Oasis Sunroom!

When we first moved here in 2019, this space was just a junk/storage room. Notice the water damaged ceiling, odd colored walls, clutter scattered everywhere! 

Althoooooough .... We had a Dream :)


Thanks to my amazing handyman hubby, Nick! Great drywall repair, sweetie!   

Me, myself, and I worked on mudding the ceiling ... pretty good for my first try - especially using an old mop LOL!?!?  

When you come to visit, see if you can find the areas where I mudded ;) 

Prepping for paint...

Thanks to my hubby driving CDL for Star Nursery.... great price on all the sand and stone.

Ohhh how I LOVE the soft sand between my toes!

Beginnings of a fountain pond...

HOT! Our indoor/outdoor instant hot water heater, has a been a work in progress trying to find just the right settings. 

Hopefully we've got it dialed in now :0

Thanks Nick & Neff (hubby & co-worker) for your muscle - those are some heavy pieces of flagstone...

Labyrinth - Done! Baby plants - Done! Lounge Chairs - Done! Coming along nicely....

Look at that pretty bamboo shower enclosure! Love how it turned out xoxox

Now it's your turn to check out the final details we've added! 

Oasis Sunroom at Red Rox Retreat WELCOMES YOU! 

Excited to see you soon xoxox