Sassy Mamma Mentoring!

10.25.22 10:03 AM

8 Steps to Find your SASSY Soul!

Sassy :

/ ˈsa-sē /
1. lively, bold, and full of spirit
2. distinctively smart

Sassy Mamma Mentoring is just that... 
Lively, Bold, Distinctively Smart, Full Body, Mind & Soul Mentoring!

Real, Radical & a bit Rebellious ;)
You Ready?

8 Steps to Reconnect with Your Sassy Soul . . .

1.   RELAX - Guided Mindfulness Techniques

2.  JOURNAL - Write about what's Stressing You Out

3.  INQUIRE Healing Prompts to Ponder 

4.  MOVE - Simple Somatic Movements with Cool Music 

5.  CONNECT - "Connect the dots" of Your Inner & Outer POV

6.  REFLECT - Notice the Paradox & Journal Our Findings

7.  INTEGRATE - Bring it All Together with Massage


8.  REPEAT - See You Again Soon xoxox

(see below for more detail)

You might say . . .

" IDK - It sounds kinda weird! " 
I don't want to act like a FOOL ! "

My answer . . . 
Yes! It's rather unconventional!
Yes! You might feel silly at first!
Yes! That's part of what makes it sooo powerful!

In my humble experience - 
It's a small price to pay, 
to embarrass ourselves a bit, in order to HEAL! 
The more Sassy you get with this process - the more in depth & full the experience!


I can tell you this stuff all day long

and of course, it comes back to YOU!

If your Sassy Soul is ready to COMMIT to
Real, Radical, Rebellious Shifts ....
... then what are you waiting for? 
Schedule your 1:1 session NOW & thank yourself later ;)

- In Person 
(at our EPIC Oasis Sunroom in Ivins, Utah - see pic below)
- Video Call
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Real, Radical & a bit Rebellious


Authentic, Genuine, Truth-Seeker


Thorough, Extreme, Complete


Revolutionary, Uprising, Change-Maker

(Can you tell I like defining words? LOL)


Actually I don't charge specific rates anymore.... 

In 2018, I switched to Conscious Giving!

CONSCIOUS GIVING is a rather new term, based on ancient concepts! 

Basically Conscious Giving means . . . 

Give What's Right for YOU!

Plus Earn Free Sessions by either Repeating, Referring &/or Reviewing! 

For more details, see the "RATES: Conscious Giving" tab in the menu. 

Want more DETAILS about the 8 Steps & the Sassy Mamma Mentoring process? 
RELAX -   this is one of the most important pieces of this practice! I'll guide you through a sequence of meditative techniques that allow you to float into a RELAXED state, were you will be much more open to your feelings, changes, growth, lessons & the flow of Life!

● JOURNAL - Bring a notebook to write or draw about your feelings as we talk though some triggers, limiting beliefs & stressful thoughts, etc.
In my experience, a big part of cleaning up any thing, is first recognizing the mess, know what I mean?

● MOVE - Now, we'll play some fun, upbeat music ... allow & invite your body to MOVE in very simple, fun, healing ways (I'll join you & I'm happy to direct you, if you'd like). This movement helps to release emotions from our physical Body, as well as our Mind & Soul! PLUS it's a blast!

● CONNECT - Then we'll "CONNECT the dots" for our inner & outer progress so far during the session

● INQUIRY - Next step, I'll guide you through some introspective questions to enhance the deep healing affects of this session.

● REFLECT - Now we REFLECT about the session, journal more, if you'd like & create personalized affirmations to take into your daily life. 
● INTEGRATE - Lastly, I will either give you instructions for self-massage or during in person sessions, you can choose to receive massage from me to INTEGRATE it all back to RELAXATION :)

● REPEAT! Schedule your next Sassy Mamma session and for extra healing - set reminders for yourself - to use these steps on your own between appointments! xoxox

Dixie Ewing