Loyalty Rewards Program

06.22.21 09:12 PM

How it Works

As a valued guest, I want to express my appreciation & reward your support!

I will now be implementing a new DIGITAL Loyalty Points system. 

After you've earned 10 points, you receive a FREE Massage &/or Mindfulness session.

Relax. Review. Refer. Repeat!

4 Ways to Earn Points:

  1. Schedule your next session before you leave your current appointment

  2. Refer someone who then comes for an appointment

  3. Purchase gift cards

  4. Post a positive review

Massage is the PERFECT GIFT for all your Holiday, Birthday and Anniversary needs! Plus you get the BONUS of receiving Loyalty Rewards Points for each gift card you purchase. Who's on your list, that needs some relaxation?? 

It's super simple... if you want to participate let me know either by text or in person at your next session.  I will enter your information into an invoice program at each appointment.  When you earn 10 points, you can redeem them for a wellness service of equal or lesser value. I'm eager to show my gratitude by offering this program :) 


Dixie Ewing