What to Expect

What to Expect

Red Rox Retreat is situated LESS Than 2 miles south of ....

THE  Big Red Mountain

Our acre property is perfectly located in Ivins, Utah

with BREATHTAKING natural views of red sand desert in every direction. 

Ready for more?

YES, the photo here is ACTUALLY  Your View at Red Rox Retreat!

( except a lot bigger in person haha )

 The scenery ALONE is worth visiting our Desert OASIS!

Our Retreat offers onsite: (click links below for more details)

  • INDOOR OASIS SUNROOM (one of our FAVORITE parts):
    • "Grounding" Flagstone & Sand Flooring throughout 
    • ... Yes actual SAND! ;)

    • Comfy Lounge Chairs with perfect views of THE Big Red Mountain
    • Cozy Firepit Table 
    • Serene Hot Tub
    • Soothing Evaporative Cooler
    • Relaxing Massage Table 
    • And TONS of other cool details you'll have to come check out
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