What to Expect

What to Expect

What you can expect for your
Retreat & Wellness sessions.

So… you want to experience a
Retreat & Wellness session! 

You’re now joining billions of progressive individuals who are choosing these growing health alternatives.


If you are rather new to these age old treatments, you may be asking yourself

“What can I expect from a Retreat & Wellness sessions?” 

Here are a few suggestions for your session...


Obviously, one of the first things to do is schedule your session.  Table Massage and Mindfulness Retreat appointments can range from 30, 60 or 90 minutes. My schedule is oftentimes full a few days to a week in advance, though occasionally I have same-day appointments available.  Feel free to TEXT or Call to book your session, or try the SCHEDULING link in the menu.  Let me know what days and times work best for you.  
Once we’ve set a day and time, I will send you a link for my online Wellness Intake Form to be submitted at least 24 hours before your appointment.  Then I will send you my exact address for my office in Ivins, Utah.


Make sure to arrive on-time or a few minutes early, so you receive the full scheduled session.  If you have an emergency and might be late, make sure to communicate with me before your appointment.  Generally when someone isn't able to make it last minute or cancels within 24 hours, I'm not able to fill that spot. So I kindly ask for a financial contribution of their choosing. 
Upon your arrival, there will be calm music or fountain sounds and you will be invited to remove your shoes. For massage sessions, the lights will be dimmed to help you relax.  It is recommended that you turn off or silence your phone and electronics, so you won’t be distracted during this relaxing retreat. 


Before receiving a Table Massage or participating in a Mindfulness Retreat, I will review your intake form for basic health information and discuss your expectations for the session.  Next, I will give you instructions for your appointment – such as where to place your belongings, which direction to lay (face up or down), etc.  Make sure to ask any questions you may have! 

For a Table Massage, I will step out of the room with the door closed, for a few minutes while you get ready.  Generally, clients wear very limited or no clothing during their massage – of course, your comfort level is very important, so do what feels right for YOU.  During the entire massage, you will be discreetly draped with clean, sanitized towels, linens or blankets, and only the specific area I’m working on will be un-draped.  Your privacy, comfort and modesty is my utmost priority!  Remember to remove jewelry and watches, and pull up your hair, if necessary.  Get comfortable on the table as instructed and place the linens over your body.

For a Mindfulness Retreat, we will begin with a meditative walk through the "grounding" labyrinth. 


Once you are on the table, it’s time to relax!  After a few minutes, I will knock at the door before entering, to make sure you are laying on the table under the linens.  Initially, I will gently hold my hands on your back or shoulders.  Then I will un-drape the area I’m going to massage and apply a small amount of warm massage oil to manipulate your muscles.  When you are face down, I will start at your head, shoulders and back then move down to your legs. Unless you tell me otherwise, I will also work on your "glute" muscles while covered by the linens.  Face up, I will initially massage your head, neck and shoulders then work down to the arms and hands.  If you want your abdomen massaged, please let me know, otherwise I’ll move to your legs.  I save feet for very last – most people find this to be their favorite part of the massage! Now your job is to notice your natural breathing and enjoy this relaxing break!

As for the Mindfulness Retreat, we'll then move to firepit table to create meditation bowls and partake in a tea ceremony.


Let me know what type of pressure is comfortable (deep, firm, medium, light, etc), at any time during the massage.  Also, feel free to give your feedback about techniques, temperature or comfort as much as you like.  It is CRUCIAL that you feel comfortable during your session.  PLEASE SPEAK UP!  Verbally communicate with me about what you are feeling!  Even though I am a professional, only YOU know what is best for your body!  Please trust yourself and express your needs right away.  Try to calm your mind, so you can get the most relaxation from your session. 

During a Table Massage Session, you have the option for me to guide you through stress-reduction/mindfulness techniques simultaneously. 

For the Mindfulness Retreat, you will now lay in the lounge chairs, while I talk you through different mindfulness modalities.

These exercises are simple techniques that help to lower stress during the session, as well as in your daily life.  Basically, I will bring your attention to different feelings and ask introspective questions that you can either answer out loud or in your mind.


Once I’m finished working with you face up or down on the massage table,  it will be time for you to SLOWLY turn over.  I will instruct you on how to roll on to the opposite side (depending which direction you started), while I hold the linens to keep you discreetly covered.  I will proceed to massage the reverse side.  You can continue focusing on your breath and relaxing!

Some people are so relaxed during their session, they might doze off.  This is completely natural.  Ironically, it’s a compliment if you fall asleep… that means you were very comfortable and relaxed!  As the session comes to an end, I will gently let you know we’re finished and step out of the room and close the door again.  Remember to get up VERY SLOWLY and allow your body to re-acclimate.  Take your time getting ready!  I make sure to schedule plenty of buffer time between clients, so we won’t feel rushed.  Once you are re-dressed, come to the waiting area where I will have a cup of refreshing water for you.

At this point during the Mindfulness Retreat, it's time for a calming hot towel wrap and foot massage.


Finally, that brings me to a SUPER IMPORTANT follow-up for any wellness practice…..Drink PLENTY of EXTRA WATER the next couple days, to help detox and re-hydrate your system!  If you notice your muscles feeling a bit stiff the next day or so, DRINK MORE WATER!  Think of it like an “oil change” for your body!


Questions about the benefits or effects of these treatments are always welcome!  If you have ‘constructive feedback’ about the session, please contact me directly to figure out solutions.  Most clients love to spread peace in our world…. positive referrals are always appreciated!

I’m excited to meet you soon!

Loving What Is ~ Dixie