What to Expect

What to Expect

...for your sessions & getaways?

So… you want to experience
ReMINDer Sessions 

and/or Retreat Accommodations?  

You’re now joining billions of progressive individuals who are choosing these growing health alternatives.


You may be asking yourself

“What can I expect?” 

Here are a few details about your getaway...

Red Rox Retreat is located less than 2 miles south of ....

THE Big Red Mountain 

YES, the pic here is ACTUALLY  Your View ( except a lot bigger in person haha )

 The view ALONE is worth visiting our Desert OASIS!

Our acre property is perfectly situated in Ivins, Utah - with breathtaking natural views of red sand desert in every direction. 

Ready to hear more?

Our Retreat offers onsite: 

  • Accommodations (Direct booking link opens in new tab - Airbnb &/or VRBO links available upon request)
  • ReMIND.BODY Sessions - see below for more info 
  • Indoor Oasis Sunroom  (one of our FAVORITE parts):
    • "Grounding" Flagstone & Sand Flooring throughout 
    • ... kind of like an INDOOR SANDBOX For GROWN-UPS ;)

    • Comfy Lounge Chairs with perfect views of THE Big Red Mountain
    • Cozy Firepit Table 
    • Soothing Evaporative Cooler
    • Relaxing Massage Table 
    • And TONS of other cool details you'll have to come check out
  • Perfect location, near world class attractions and restaurants 
  • ​Plus many trails for hiking, biking & enjoying the surrounding beauty!

Define ReMIND.BODY Session 

noun /ri-ˈmīn-dər /

: Calls to memory an image or feeling for Guided Integration of 

MIND, Body, Heart Clarity

: to ReIntegrate YOUR Own Innate Wisdom and Truth

Tips for your first ReMINDer Session...


Obviously, one of the first things to do is schedule your session. ReMINDer Sessions can range from 30 (consultation), 60, 90 or 120 minutes. My schedule is oftentimes full a few days to a week in advance, though occasionally I have same-day appointments available.  Feel free to TEXT or Call to book your session, or try the SCHEDULING REQUEST link in the menu.  Let me know what days and times work best for you.  

Once we’ve set a day and time, I will text you a link for my online Wellness Intake Form to be submitted at least 24 hours before your appointment.  Then I will send you my exact address for my home office in Ivins, Utah.

I recommend you wear comfortable clothing, that you don't mind getting a bit SANDY plus shoes that are easy to remove.

Now it's time for the ReMINDer of your own innate wisdom and power.... 


Make sure to arrive on-time or a few minutes early, so you receive the full scheduled session.  If you have an emergency and might be late, make sure to communicate with me ASAP before your appointment.  Generally when someone isn't able to make it for their session last minute or cancels within 24 hours, I'm not able to fill that spot. So I kindly ask for a financial contribution of their choosing. 

Upon your arrival at our Oasis Sunroom, you might notice the GROUNDING stone and sand (yes SAND) flooring throughoutsounds of the fountain, the gorgeous views and serene environment.  We recommend that you turn off or silence your phone/devices, so you won’t feel distracted during this relaxing retreat.

Before participating in this Mind-Body Session, you are invited to remove your shoes. I'll then review your intake form and discuss your expectations for the session. Make sure to ask any questions you may have!


To start your ReMINDer Session, we take part in a Native American mantra, with a hot or cold herbal tea of your choice.  Sipping the tea slowly and meditatively, soaking in the tranquil surroundings, consciously sinking into your feelings.

At this point, you start to notice your breath transition from shallow and tight, to conscious and calm. BREATHE...


Next, you have the choice to create a souvenir  (zen bowl, mandala art, collages, etc) as a reminder of this clarifying session. It's ok if you have limiting beliefs about your creative abilities - these projects are simple enough for ANYONE! 

As you work on this therapeutic creation, you engage a connection within yourself, that can fuel and integrate healing beyond mere words. CONNECT...


At this point during your ReMINDer Session, it's time for a brief Bodywork segment and a calming hot towel wrap. 

You may choose to either:

  • Recline in the lounge chair for a reflexology foot massage and gaze out the window at the BIG Red Mountain 


  • Lay on the treatment table for a focused massage such as neck, upper or lower back

PLEASE SPEAK UP! Let me know what type of pressure is comfortable (firm, medium, light, etc), at any time during the massage. Verbally communicate about what you are feeling!  Trust yourself and express your needs right away. Try to calm your mind, so you can get the most relaxation from your session.

Once we're finished with the Bodywork segment, I encourage you to SLOWLY stand up and re-acclimate. 
Your body is now feeling calm & serene! RELAX...


Next we begin the Guided Self-Integration process, where we unravel stressful (CRAZY) beliefs and discover fresh perspectives. 

These exercises are simple techniques that help to lower stress during the session, as well as ongoing in your daily life. Basically, I will gently guide your attention to different thoughts and feelings, then ask introspective questions. It's very simple and highly effective method for those with an open mind and heart.

Healing through this type of Inner Work, dissolves stress, strain, pain, conflict from the inside out. Deeply allowing yourself to feel into these areas that oftentimes are numbed and ignored, creates an environment for deeper understanding of yourself and the world around us. 

As a fabulous finale', you take a barefoot walk through the "grounding" sand labyrinth (yes SAND). Each step you take, brings deeper connection to the Earth beneath your feet. You notice your Body, Mind & Heart relax into the present moment and you feel holistically integrated. NOTICE...


Finally, that brings me to a SUPER IMPORTANT follow-up for any wellness practice … Drink PLENTY of EXTRA WATER the next couple days, to help detox and re-hydrate your system!  If you notice your muscles feeling a bit stiff the next day or so, DRINK MORE WATER! 


Questions about the benefits or effects of these treatments are always welcome!  If you have ‘constructive feedback’ about the session, please contact me directly to figure out solutions.  Most clients love to spread peace in our world…. positive referrals are always appreciated!

I’m excited for you to visit soon!

Loving What Is ~ Dixie